PC Games

Lovey Dovey was my groups 2018 GGJ project. The theme for this year was transmission, and we decided to go with a pigeon delivering love letters between two people in an apartment building. To add some more fun to the game we have a second player, playing a cat, that wants to eat the pigeon.

The goal of the game is for the player playing the pigeon to deliver as many letters as possible while surviving as long as possible, and for the person playing the cat to position themselves properly so they can eat the pigeon as quickly as possible, stopping them from delivering the letters.

You can find this game at the Global Game Jam site here: GGJ Site






COG is an isometric puzzle plat-former, where the player swaps control between two different robots to get to the end of each level. The game is designed to be played on a PC while using an Xbox One controller!

This game was created at AIE as part of our final major work where I worked in a team of six that included myself as the programmer, four artists and a designer.

We were able to have this game on display at EB Games Expo Sydney, as well as PAX Australia in 2016. We got great feedback from both expo’s and had a great time showing our game off to heaps of different people.

The code for this can be found at: COG


GingerBread Spin

This project was a client example project done at AIE. The client had a projector and a wall with sensors on it. Players could throw items at the wall which acted as a mouse click enabling interaction with that game. This game was targeting use by children.

The idea behind the game was a carnival game of throwing knives at a spinning wheel with a person on it. To make it more child friendly we turned it into candy with a gingerbread man. The goal of the game is to hit the targets on the wheel and not the gingerbread man that is there. There are also “evil” gingerbread men that appear to attempt to distract you that you have to hit as well before they hit you with a pie!

The code can be found at: GingerBread Spin




Pico was a proof of concept work done at AIE. The idea behind this was to get a team and over a 24 hour period make a demo of a possible game that we could develop over a 3 month period that could be releasable. The idea of the game is that it is an endless runner where every time you “jump” to keep flying you also swap between worlds which allows you to pass through objects.

For this project I was the sole programmer working with 3 artists and a designer.

The code can be found at: Pico



VR/AR Games

Horror Walker Puppet Show

This was a game jam game done over a 48 hour period. This was our first time doing a VR game and we were able to use the HTC Vive to make the game.

When making this game we wanted to avoid movement. So to go with this the player is standing in a little fort made out of letter blocks. The enemies that are attacking the player are a child’s toys coming to life at night where all the evil monsters live.


The code for this can be found at: Horror Walker Puppet Show






This breakout clone was my first venture into developing for mobile devices. I was able to make this in a few hours as a test to see how Unity Remote worked, and how to deal with touch input properly.

I was also able to use a physic material to all the ball to bounce. This was another cool thing I got to use for the first time, so getting a chance to learn that was really fun.

The game itself is very basic and without much of a wow factor or any real polish but was a cool way to introduce myself to the world of mobile development as well as seeing how fast I can learn something new.